Board game

Nudge Kids by CHAIR KING

Inspire your children to become future entrepreneurs or exceptional individuals with an engaging board game experience.

Introducing CHAIR KING

Build Your Fortune, Shape Your Future!

Chair King is an engaging board game where your kids venture into the world of entrepreneurship.

Your goal?

Create and sell chairs, generate profits, and reinvest in building your own factory.

Unique rule

Encourages celebration and praise whenever profits roll in. After constructing all the factories, lend a helping hand to fellow players!

For Kids

Instills positive habits in children, fostering a sense of accomplishment and cultivating an entrepreneurial mindset.

Praise Makes Children Dance

By celebrating their accomplishments, both big and small, we empower children to develop a sense of self-worth and inspire them to continue their journey of growth and development.


Empower your children to become thriving entrepreneurs, living a life of freedom and creativity. Nudge them gently with CHAIR KING

Even Chairs can be kids Dream

Craft Priceless

Create cherished family memories

Short Play Time

Effortlessly Engage with Your Kids: CHAIR KING Delivers Quick Wins for Busy Parents!

2 Player

20 min

3 Player

25 min

4 Player

30 min



⭐️ Fosters Creativity

⭐️ Encourages Strategic Thinking

⭐️ Promotes Social Interaction

⭐️ Builds Problem-solving Skills

⭐️ Engages the Whole Family


⏺ Can lead to Passive Consumption

⏺ Contains Inappropriate or Misleading Content

⏺ Exposes Users to Online Harassment or Trolling

⏺ Can be Addictive and Time-consuming

⏺ Lack of Quality Control and Credibility

Board Game


Unique rules

How we nudge kids

To be future CEO